Updating Reviews

Once reviews have been published on the Cochrane Library, the Cochrane information specailist will re-run the relevant searches on an annual basis and will contact the authors with any newly identified information relevant to their review.

Reviews will be updated annually when new studies are identified. If no new trials are found at the annual update search, a note will be made on the published review to this effect.

Updates of reviews will not normally be subject to the peer referee process as described for reviews unless the conclusions of the review are substantially altered by the addition of new data.

Out of date reviews

Reviews are normally deemed out of date once two years have elapsed from the date of last update.  Authors of reviews which become out of date will lose their subscription to The Cochrane Library and ultimately the reviews will be deleted from publication, as it is an intrinsic requirement of a Cochrane Review that it remains current.

*All author teams must be aware of the Cochrane policy on rejecting Cochrane Reviews, which applies to all Review Updates