Authors should read the Cochrane policy manual titled "Managing expectations: What does Cochrane expect of authors, and what can authors expect of Cochrane?"

Our responsibilities are:

  • To produce high quality Cochrane reviews for publication in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, available on the Cochrane Library
  • To ensure that reviews published in the Cochrane Library are updated as new evidence becomes available
  • To establish and maintain a truly comprehensive register of trials relating to our scope, containing published, unpublished, ongoing and planned trials of all interventions and treatments.
  • To carry out searches for all relevant published and unpublished trials using various overlapping search strategies.

Please note that the Editorial board does not take responsibility for the accuracy of content or grading of evidence in a review. Responsibility and accuracy lies with the review authors.

Conflict of Interest


All authors should report any potential conflict of interest that may be perceived to influence their judgment. Disclosing a conflict of interest does not necessarily reduce the value of a review, nor does it imply dishonesty. However, conflicts of interest can influence judgments in subtle ways. Reviewers should let the Cochrane Gut know of potential conflicts even when they are confident that their judgment will not be influenced while conducting the review. All members of the review group will be asked to sign a conflict of interest form and submit when finalizing their review for publication.

Cochrane Gut Staff and Editorial Board

The staff and editorial board members of Cochrane Gut are required to declare any potential conflict of interest. If an editor or staff member authors a review, the peer review process of the review will be managed by someone not involved in authoring the review.