New author instructions

This page has instructions on accessing Archie, Editorial Manager and RevMan and links to relevant reference materials and training resources. Please bookmark it for future reference. If you need additional support, please get in touch with the editorial office.

When you are added to a Cochrane Review as an author, you will gain access to the review. To check the review in and out, you need to download/access RevMan and get access to Archie and Editorial Manager (via your Cochrane Account).


You will need to download Review Manager (RevMan) Desktop (RevMan 5.4.1) or ensure you can access RevMan Web. RevMan is the software used for preparing and maintaining Cochrane reviews (RevMan Portal). 

We strongly encourage new authors to use RevMan Web, Cochrane's new browser-based review manager. There is more information about getting started in RevMan Web in the Knowledge Base:

RevMan 5.4.1 is the latest desktop version (RevMan 5.3 is no longer functional) for authors who need to import data from Covidence or complete a review type that is not yet supported in Revman Web. This program is available for download hereWhen you install RevMan 5.4, you need to enter your Cochrane username and password to connect with the server. A Tutorial for new users is available from the RevMan 5 Help file. If you are new to RevMan, we recommend that you work through this tutorial before beginning work on your review.

If you are using RevMan 5.4, this locks the review and prevents anyone else from checking out the review (they can still view the draft you have checked out and download a copy, but they will not be able to check out that version). Only you will be able to check in the review again. Checking in the review creates a draft that is viewable at any time and becomes the latest draft available to review authors. This process is explained in the RevMan tutorial. If you check out the review using RevMan Web, multiple authors can work on the review simultaneously. You can read more about this feature here:

Archie and Editorial Manager

You have received an email invitation to set up a Cochrane Account (or one may have been created on your behalf), which will enable access to Archie and Editorial Manager. If you have any issues accessing it, please review the help file or contact the editorial office.

Archie is the Cochrane Collaboration's central server, which interacts with RevMan. Archie stores all authors' contact details and drafts of every review. The principal feature of Archie and RevMan is version control and secure storage of work. This helps to protect reviews against confusion over primary and secondary versions and loss of data.

The editorial processes for all new protocol, review and review update submissions are now handled in Editorial Manager. You can read more about this and find instructions for submission here:

Conflict of interest

All new protocols, reviews and review updates must comply with the updated conflict of interest policy. The new policy and instructions for authors on making disclosures in Convey and Archie are available here

Methodological standards for the conduct of new Cochrane Intervention Reviews (MECIR) 

All Cochrane review authors are encouraged to check their review against the MECIR standards before submission. All reviews must comply to be accepted into the editorial process.

Cochrane Style Manual

Submissions must comply with recommended Cochrane style and formatting. This is particularly important for references, presentation of numerical data, and formatting of tables and appendices. You can access it here.

Cochrane Handbook 

Authors are advised to refer to the Cochrane Handbook during review production. The Handbook is updated regularly to reflect advances in systematic review methodology and in response to feedback from users. Please refer to the website for the most recent version for interim updates to the guidance and details of previous versions of the Handbook: All new reviews and protocols must comply with the latest version of the Handbook, with a few exceptions. For instance, if you are using the original Risk of bias tool, you must cite the old version of the Handbook where applicable.

The Handbook can also be viewed in RevMan 5.4.1 (under the help file). It is also possible to place your cursor (mouse) over the predefined blue headings in RevMan and be taken directly to the relevant section of the Handbook (To do this: Open your review - go to blue header - place cursor over - drop-down menu appears - choose Handbook.). In RevMan Web, you can view the Handbook guidance under the Context - Standards panel on the right side of the screen.  

Online Training 

Online training is available for all authors of Cochrane Reviews. All you need is a Cochrane Account. You can access the training here: