Registered Titles

Due to capacity issues, we are accepting a very few number (<5) of new title registrations per year.  You are welcome to contact the group if you are interested in authoring a topic of your choice but please bear in mind we are only likely to accept topics which are clinically important and have not already been covered in another review.

The first step in authoring a Cochrane review is coming up with a worthwhile title. Ideally titles should be unique, on a clinically relevant topic and of a reasonable size so that they can be authored within a year to 18 months.

Steps to registering a title:


  1. Devise your title. The preferred format for titles of Cochrane Systematic Reviews is one of:

    1. Basic format: [intervention] FOR [health problem]
      eg. Antibiotics for acute bronchitis
    2. Where two active interventions have been compared: [Intervention A] VERSUS [intervention B] FOR [health problem]
      eg. Immediate versus delayed treatment for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
    3. Where the type of people studied or the location of the intervention is mentioned explicitly: [Intervention] FOR [health problem] IN [participant group/location]
      eg Inhaled nitric oxide for respiratory failure in preterm infants
    4. Sometimes it might be necessary to specify that the intervention is for preventing, treating, or preventing and treating the problem(s) concerned: [Intervention] FOR [preventing and/or treating] [health problem] IN [participant group/location]
      eg. Pool fencing for preventing drowning in children. Amodiaquine for treating malaria.
    5. For many prophylactic interventions there is often no specified ‘health problem’: [Intervention] IN or FOR [participant group/location]
      eg. Restricted versus liberal water intake in preterm infants. Home-based social support for socially disadvantaged mothers
  2. Search the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews to see if a review has been published or is in production.  You may also wish to have a look at PROSPERO (an international register of systematic reviews) to confirm a similar review is not already underway.
  3. Check the scope of Cochrane Gut and ensure your title falls within our remit, and not the remit of another Cochrane Review Group.
  4. Contact the editorial office (, stating the title you would like to develop. Should the title overlap with any existing or ongoing Cochrane review, please state how your review will differ or compliment existing reviews.
  5. If your title is approved, you will then be asked to complete and submit a title registration form.


  1. Complete a title registration form. The title registration form requires a brief outline of the topic and details of all authors to be involved.
  2. The completed title registration form will then be circulated amongst the editors for final approval and recommendations for peer referrees.
  3. A record will be created in Archie. The contact author will then be sent login details so that work may begin on the protocol.