Feedback sought on extended PRISMA reporting guidelines

The Cochrane Methods Group is seeking feedback on the draft, extended PRISMA reporting guidelines which include equity considerations.

All systematic review authors to participate in this brief survey to capture review author experiences in using the new equity extension to the PRISMA statement(Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses). The existing PRISMA Statement, developed in 2009, aims to improve reporting of systematic reviews and meta-analyses by promoting completeness and transparency of reporting of the methods used and subsequent results. Currently PRISMA does not include guidance focused on health inequities, where health inequities are differences in health outcomes that are avoidable and unnecessary, but also unfair and unjust. 

They developed a new equity extension for PRISMA, called "PRISMA-E 2012", reporting guidelines for systematic reviews with a major focus on health equity, which they believe will enhance reporting of equity in systematic reviews. Now that PRISMA-E 2012 has been developed, they are keen to understand the experience of review authors with the new checklist extension items, which is why they are seeking input.

Please follow this link to complete the short survey before 7th September 2012: (should take approximately 10 minutes). 

The results from this survey will inform the development of user resources to accompany the roll-out of PRISMA-E 2012 to guide systematic review authors in using the checklist. The findings will also be published.

All respondents to this survey will be de-identified. Responding to this survey is entirely optional. The Cochrane Operations Unit (COU) has been notified of this survey, according to the policy laid out in The Cochrane Policy Manual, but neither the COU nor the Steering Group take responsibility for the survey’s content.